Reverse Engineering -- A Customers 101
By Zimoon

Reverse Engineering -- A Customers 101

This mini-guide aims at the consuming audience and covers the most common questions plus two questions many players should have asked but rarely do 8)

Skill Enhancing Attachments (SEA) and Power UPs (PUP) are created by Traders who are using looted stuff; except that Structure Traders just do space stuff.

Buzz Words

SEA -- an attachment that is put permanently on wearables, i.e. clothes or armor; the SEA cannot be retrieved again. Max 3 modifiers per SEA and max power each modifier is 35 determined by the modifier kind.

PUPs -- a consumable item with several charges 30 minutes each; there are clothing, armor, and weapon PUPs which can be stacked, but only one of each kind at a time. Only one modifier, max power is determined by the modifier, from about 110 and downwards.

Power bits -- extracted by a Trader from looted wearables (clothes and armor); further refining by the Trader can bump it up to max power 35, a tiresome procedure.

Modifier bits -- created by a Trader combining two looted junk items; the kind of the two items determine the resulting modifier type. Combinations are found at the Junk Yard (a copy at next post).

Basic modifiers -- Agility, Constitution, Stamina, Block, Camouflage, Luck, Precision, and Strength.

Exotics -- any kind of modifier that is not a basic modifier. Exotics can only be put at Breastplates, Shirts, and Weapons.

Sockets -- to put a SEA at an item it must have a free socket; PUPs do not need sockets.

Iterate powerbits -- the manual process to boost the strength of power bits; this process consumes loads of junk loot and crates of manufactured items.

Why is RE stuff so expensive?

The iterative process consumes loads of junk loot; the Trader must buff himself; the Traders' personal RE suits. Some of the junk loot items for modifiers are quite rare, thus costly. The other side of it is of course supply & demand, all combateers competing about the items up for sale...

How can I barter a better deal?

That is simple: never ever sell usable junk loot to a Junk Dealer, rather let the stacks of junk loot grow in your inventory. Unless you roam around a lot you will not see too many different kinds per day, hence it will not become a problem. Have some backpacks in a storage house and unload when necessary, name them "A - F", "G - L", ..., to easier sort the stacks.

Finally, when about to buy SEAs and PUPs you can barter with your friendly Trader. Probably you also have some of those rare junk items to get those precious modifiers.

If you do not want to do this, fine, someone else will do it and then that is what you pay for 8)

How can I help my friendly guild Traders?

Read the previous section once again... just with another twist to it :)

What do I have to buy if I want a Trader to help me?

Modifiers, either the modifier bits or the several particular junk loot pieces for these modifiers; a visit to Junk Yard: Modifier bits is recommended. Or ask your Trader what they can sell or barter with you.

Power bits, this is the minimum. One power bit for each modifier you want. Assume you want 4 SEAs and each with 3 modifiers, that gives 12 power bits. PUPs use just one power bit.

Which power must they have?

PUPs: always one +35 power bit.

SEAs: all modifiers have a conversion ratio that determines the power of the modifier in the final SEA. The power of the power bit is divided by that ratio but fractions are wasted so the result is an integer. Thence you will not need a more powerful power bit than a multiple of the ratio. Examples:

Basic modifiers have conversion ratio 1 so you always want a +35 power bit.

  • Heavy Weapon Damage has ratio 14, thus it suffices with a +28 power bit since the next multiple is 42 which is not doable; thus a +28 yields +2 which is max
  • Heal Action Cost Reduction has ratio 10, thus a +30 power bit yields +3
  • Lightsaber Experimentation has ratio 5 which is an even multiple with 35, thus a +35 power bit yields +7
The lesson is that a little math may save you quite some credits.

____________ FAQ ____________

I have two stacks of junk loot "a repair kit", why do they not merge into one?
They were looted off of MOBs of different levels, thus they are priced differently at the Junk Dealer, who you should not visit anyway ;)

Is there a minimum strength for looted wearable items that I should observe?
Yes, and no:
  • 1-stat -- above 16-18, or ask your RE Trader what s/he prefer
  • Multi-stat -- any strength is OK since they are used later in the process

I must find a particular junk loot item, where do I loot it?
The Junk Yard has different sections, one is Junk Yard: Loot Items, click at a junk loot item and usually it has some loot information. Update that site.


Junk loot items as listed at the Junk Yard today, for your convenience.

A Broken Pressure Pump
A Clean Towel
A Damaged Droid Memory Unit
A Damaged Droid Motivator
A Damaged Droid Power Cell
A Damaged Droid Swivel Joint
A Datapad Picture
A disabled Homing Beacon
A disabled navigation module
A Drain Stopper
A Flaring, Swagging and Cutting Kit
A Gackle Bat Wing
A Half Eaten Pie
A Hand Torch
A Human Skull
A Leak Inspection System
A Lump Clip
A Magnetic Locator
A Malfuctioning Capacitor
A Meatlump Sculpture, Style 1
A Meatlump Sculpture, Style 2
A Medic Kit
A Musty Smelling Bedroll
A Petrified Meatlump
A Pipe Cutter
A Plunger
A Poison Canister
A Poison Canister (Hoth)
A Pressure Gauge
A Rebel Clearance Badge
A Rebel Medic Kit
A repair kit
A ruptured Tauntaun stomach
A Small Mining Tool
A Small Missile Crate
A Tauntaun eye
A Tauntaun heart
A Temperature Clamp
Ambush Detector
An ammunition crate
An Ancient Scroll
An Artifact
An Artifact Crate
An empty crate
An Imperial ration kit
An Infected Wampa brain
An infected wampa liver
An Instrument Pouch
Armor Repair Device
AT-AT movement control module
AT-AT seam sealant
AT_ST seam sealant
Burnt Out Droid Motor (Grey)
Burnt Out Motivator (Red)
Canceled Travel Ticket
Chassis Blueprints
Chemical Dispersion Device
Chemical Dispersion Unit
Circuit Board
Clogged Rebreather
Clothing Repair Device
Collapsed Artifact
Collectable commerative millenium Exar Kun coin
Com Device
Control Box
Corrupt data disk
Data Housing
Demagnitized Data Disk
Deprecated Droid Software
Differential Regulator
Dispersal Unit
Droid Battery (Black/Green)
Droid Battery (Purple/Green)
Droid Battery (Teal)
Droid Battery(Gray/ ?)
Droid Memory Module
Droid Motor (Red)
Droid Motor (Yellow)
Electronics Module
Emergency Reactivator
Empty crate
Empty crate (Hoth)
Excavation Toolchest
Explosive Dud
Frequency Jamming Wired
Housing improvements
Hydraulics System
Hyperdrive Unit
ID Badge
ID Chip
Imperial rations
Impulse Detector (Flat)
Impulse Detector (w/dish antenna)
Laser Trap
Launcher Tube
Magseal Detector
Mark I Circuit Board
Mark II Circuit Board
Mark II Vocabulation Module
Mark IV Circuit Board
Mark V Circuit Board
Mark V Vocab Module
Mark VII Vocabulation Module
Mark X Vocab Module
Medical Console
Medical Device
Medical Device (Grey)
Memory Encryptor
Newsfilter Module
Organichem Stores
Outdated Aeromagnifier
Palm Diary
Plugged Hydraulics System
Power Converter
Power Output Analyzer
Power Output Device
Power Supply
Power Unit
Rapid Program Module
Rations Kit
Rebel Clearance Badge
rebel medic kit
Recording Rod
Remote Transmitter
Restraining Device
Rocket Dud
Rusty Case
Sacred Writings
Self Analysis Circuit
Servo Joint
Shield Module
Software Module (Black)
Software Module (Blue)
Speeder Drive
Spent Bacta Ampules
Substance Analyzer
Survival Gear
Tauntaun bones
Tauntaun Skull and bones
Tech Canister
Unidentified Bones
Unidentified Chemicals
Unpowered Installation Repair Device
Unpowered Memory Encryptor
Unpowered Survey Pad
Untuned Circuit
Used ID Chip
Used Ledger
Used Notebook
Used Vidscreen
Used Wiring
Weak Droid Battery
Weapon Scope
Wiped Software Module
Wire Element
Wiring (Black/White)
Wiring (Blue/White)
Wiring (Green/White)
Wiring (Orange/White)
Wiring (Purple/White)
Wiring (Red/White)
Wiring (Red/Yellow)
Wiring (Teal/White)
Wiring (White/White)
Wiring (Yellow/Black)
Wiring (Yellow/White)
Worn Servo Joint
Writing Utensil

Another possibly useful appendix:

Common junk loot items that are NOT (currently) used in RE

(Sell to the junk dealer or feed them to your Sarlacc/Dianoga) :)

Attache Case
Molecular Clamp
Tool Kit
Used Serum Vial

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