Schematic Category

This category is a subcategory of Clothing

The following schematics belong to either the Bodysuit category or a descendant of the Bodysuit category and can thus be used in a slot that requires an item of the Bodysuit category:

Casual Wear III: Weather Wear
- Ithorian Athletic Gear

Casual Wear IV: Complex Clothing
- Ithorian Comfort-Flex
- Ithorian Nath-Nath Ball Outfit
- Ithorian Tight Fit Jumpsuit

Field Wear IV: Paramilitary Gear
- Infiltration Suit
- Ithorian Technical Suit
- Reinforced Jumpsuit

Master Tailor
- Fighter Flightsuit
- Heavy Flightsuit
- Ithorian Leather Gear
- Revealing Fleshwrap
- Tactical Skinsuit
- Trader's Flightsuit
- Transport Flightsuit