Quadorapirris Quadranium Steel on FarStar

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Quadorapirris Quadranium Steel on FarStar

Post by Neveiv »

Hi all,

terribly sorry but misspelled a name.
The ressource name is as shown in topic Quadorapirris instead of Quadorapiris.

Can please someone have a look into it and correct my error?

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Re: Quadorapirris Quadranium Steel on FarStar

Post by Zimoon »

First of all, very welcome around and congrats to your first post here :)

Next, I believe you can edit the name of the resource, just click the Edit Stats link and at next screen you can edit anything. If not, let us know and we'll fix it :mrgreen:

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Re: Quadorapirris Quadranium Steel on FarStar

Post by HydroTek »

I find it easiest to use Interplanetary Survey Droid reports, ...so I don't have to try to spell some of those crazy names :). You can use the the resource entry panel here, or use SWGAide with the droid reports.
If it's stuck :x ...force it ...if it breaks, :shock: you needed a new one anyway :)
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Re: Quadorapirris Quadranium Steel on FarStar

Post by Savacc »

Z is right, as long as you are the one who originally reported the resource spawn, you should be able to edit it, or "remove" it and start again. If it is not your mistake, but someone else, or you have some other trouble, we can fix it. One thing that would help us a lot though, is if you would tell us which server you are on. :wink:
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