ISD or Free Crate Error on Bloodfin?

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ISD or Free Crate Error on Bloodfin?

Post by Nautillus »

Galaxy: Bloodfin

Ok to day I launched my ISD's as I usually do every 2 days or so.

2 Strange resources:

1. Feofecide, Pholokite Extrusive Ore, located on Corellia, Dathomir, Rori

2. Dididietiium, Dolovite Iron, located on Tatooine

Both of these resources show as the very 1st Spawn of there type in my Free Crate. (Ie listed first and not last).

Currently I have left the stats blank as I was In a hurry and did not have the time to find if each was really in spawn and to compare the states with my crate.

Is it possible that resources will re-spawn again?

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Re: ISD or Free Crate Error on Bloodfin?

Post by Sobuno »

It happens occasionally (That the newest resource is listed at the top, not that resources spawn again), see post by Zimoon here: ... 8929#p8929
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Re: ISD or Free Crate Error on Bloodfin?

Post by Zimoon »

I have no idea what causes this but the next time you play and read the crate these resources well be at the anticipated location again, most often at least.

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